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  •     1466559306854071.jpg With epoxy resin flooring in industrial and commercial projects are used more and more widely, more materials were added to the epoxy coatings industry, so the epoxy floor paint market is gradually expanding, and the lack of market supervision caused epoxy coatings industry competition towards the disorderly competition in the development, this resulted in the market more competitive pressure, epoxy coatings industry on how to get a foothold in the market? Then the price has become a very critical point of entry. But the price is not to say that the drop will be able to drop, the market is what kind of price to buy what kind of goods, so the product quality is more and more chaos, quality problems on the establishment of the epoxy industry a lot of problems.


    "Hnsat"epoxy curing agent, as one of the large domestic epoxy curing agent producers a responsible, can do for you: our supplier is not large, the world 500 strong just, our chemical plants is not too large, is our own, is not too much to our customers, in thousands. HNSAT epoxy curing agent can do for you: to provide a stable supply, the conventional inventory assurance, the day of delivery, quality leading, door to door service, within 3 hours of East China landing spot guidance, to meet customer specific requirements of customized services.

    Suzhou"Hnsat"brand epoxy curing agent, as one of the ethylene raw material manufacturers, in the domestic raw material producers ranked among the best, powerful, have their own laboratories, chemical plant, in East China is only several have formal procedures and on the scale of the epoxy materials students production one of the manufacturers. We adhering to the "customer first, service first principle, and always will be the quality in the first place, and strictly control the raw material procurement channels, and strictly control the production process, and strictly control the shipping processes, such as a series of measures, do in epoxy curing agent industry, quality assurance, inspirational become the main force of the curing agent of epoxy resin industry.

  • 1468287002771765.jpgA new day has begun,Suzhou Hnsat epoxy curing agentproduction base also began to produce, the epoxy industry due to lower the threshold, so a small workshop style production become the choice of the majority of people in the industry, then also resulted in the want to find in the epoxy industry a to a stable supply manufacturers became a problem, HNSAT epoxy curing agent to provide customers provide stable services, in order to improve their brand value, wholly owned acquisition of Suzhou Maolin Chemical Co., Ltd., as a production base, with powerful hardware service, for customers with confidence.

    8 o'clock kick down the card, the workers began to into the plant, according to arrange the production plan, according to HNSAT epoxy curing agent production SOP, began to scheduling of raw material, feeding, reaction kettle began to work, after a few hours of reaction, warm epoxy curing agent production well and production well began to discharge, discharge is completed, random sample testing, inspection department inspection, inspection reports issued, and sealed, qualified epoxy curing agent into all of the finished product warehouse, waiting for shipment. In this way, a number of epoxy curing agent on the production is completed.

    Continuously during the curing agent for epoxy resin raw materials in that warehouse forklift master planning good raw material warehouse in the busy into a busy, at four o'clock in the afternoon, logistics delivery vehicles to enter the factory, according to daily invoices and warehouse departments strict according to the delivery note weighing shipments, the loading is completed, the transfer of documents, logistics vehicles loaded with epoxy curing agent HNSAT toward the customer.

    5 o'clock, clock, Hnsat production workers busy day to the end.

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