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Introduction of common coating additives for paint additives
Date:2016-04-09  |  Sources:Hnsat

Our world is rich and colorful, if left a variety of color, leaving only a black-and-white world is absolutely boring. This principle also applies to our family, different paint, so that our home has become rich and colorful. But only paint is not enough, in the various stages of production and use of paint, people invented different paint additives to help paint play different role. The use of paint additives can significantly improve the coating process, extend the storage life, reduce economic costs. Below, follow the pace of small series, to understand some of the more common coating additives.

Drying agent

As the name suggests, the role of the drying agent is to allow the use of paint after the formation of a rapid drying of the coating material. The most significant effect is to allow the formation of the oil film dry cake to use the time from a few days to a few hours quickly shortened. This is of great importance to the construction time of the customer is required, at the same time, fast drying of the film can also be to prevent contamination of the film. The drier is naphthenic acid soap.

Toughening agent

This is what we called the plasticizer. Its role is to increase the toughness of the coating, using the most widely used toughening agent is DEHP, the Chinese name is ortho benzene two formic acid two

Thickening agent

Coating is often a liquid, and the consistency is relatively low, strong mobility. After using the thickening agent, the consistency of the paint will be significantly increased, the mobility will be significantly reduced, so that the use of paint can be more convenient, so as not to reduce the loss of paint everywhere. Increasing kinds of thickener is numerous, can is used for coating the silica thickener, hydrogenated castor oil thickening agent and metal soap material.

Pigment dispersing agent

Color coating is one of the more popular types of paint, but it is likely to occur in the paint dispersion phenomenon, often floating or sinking in the paint, the effect of the use of paint. At this time, we must use the pigment dispersing agent, it can make the pigment effective evenly distributed in the paint, so that the use of paint after the formation of the color is more integrated.

Leveling agent

We use the paint to get affirmation is a smooth wall, but some paint due to various reasons, after use will produce uneven feeling. We can effectively reduce the tension of some substances in the coating, which makes the coating more smooth.

Anti crust agent

The quality of coatings is of concern, some coatings in Kaifeng after long-term exposure to the air, the surface will produce a kind of material like bark. We use methyl ethyl ketone oxime, cyclohexanone oxime and anti caking agent can effectively reduce the occurrence of skin phenomenon.

The above introduction of several coating additives can be used in our daily use of paint can be used, in fact, the types of paint additives far more than that.

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