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About paint additives to understand how much
Date:2016-04-09  |  Sources:Hnsat

Coating additives is paint an indispensable component, it can improve production process, maintain stable storage, improve the construction conditions, improve the quality of products, but specific coating additives is what, you may say not so, however, today together with the decoration net Xiaobian to introduce is coating additives, following up to see it.

What is the coating additives

It is also called paint accessories (Department of coatings, auxiliary materials, can improve coating performance, promote the formation of coating film. There are many, including driers, toughening agent, emulsifier, thickener, pigment dispersing agent, defoaming agent, leveling agent, anti skinning agent, flatting agent, light stabilizer, anti mildew agent, antistatic agent (see plastic additives) etc., of which the largest amount of is drier and toughening agent. At present, the research of coating additives, for water emulsion additives for the key.

Auxiliary control, generally speaking, in accordance with the purposes to divide including adhesion promoting agent, anti adhesion agent and shrinkproof pore forming agents, anti flooding agent, anti floating color agent, defoaming agent, antifoaming agent, anti adhesive agent viscosity stabilizer, antioxidant, anti skinning agent, anti sagging agent, anti settling agent, antistatic agent, conductive agent, anti mildew agent, preservative, coalescence agent, corrosion inhibitor, anti rust agent, dispersing agent, wetting agent, drying agent, flame retardant, flow control agent, hammer, drained agent, flatting agent, light stabilizer, photosensitizer, optical brightening agent, plasticizing agent, add smooth agent, anti scratch agent, thickening agent, thixotropic agent and other additives.

In addition to the main film forming material, pigments and fillers, solvents, a kind of ingredients added to the paint, can make the paint or coating of a specific performance of a significant improvement in the role of the material. The amount used in the coating formulation is very small. Is mainly a variety of inorganic compounds and organic compounds, including polymer.

Most of its name is named according to its function character. Improve the coating production process with wetting agent, dispersing agent, emulsifying agent, defoaming agent. To improve the performance of storage and transportation of the coating with anti settling agent, anti skinning agent, preservative, freeze-thaw stabilizer etc.. Improve the coating construction performance and prevent film sick of anti sagging agent and flow leveling agent, color floating preventing agent, defoaming agent, thickening agent. Film properties and give special performance of UV absorbers, light stabilizer, flame retardant, antistatic agent, preservatives and other improvements.

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