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Classification of epoxy resin curing agent
Date:2016-04-09  |  Sources:Hnsat

1 Basic curing agent: fatty amine, two aromatic polyamine, polyamine, dicyandiamide, imidazole and modified amine.

2 acid curing agent: organic acid anhydride, three boron fluoride and complex.

1 and curing agent: aliphatic amines, aromatic and aliphatic ring, change of amine, anhydride, low molecular polyamide and latent amine.

2 catalytic curing agent: three amine and imidazole.

Curing mechanism of typical epoxy resin curing agent

(a) amine curing mechanism.

1 primary amine curing mechanism

If according to the nitrogen atoms from the number of substituents (R) can be divided into a primary amine and secondary amine and tertiary amine; if you press the number n can be divided into single amine, diamine and polyamine; according to the structure can be divided into aliphatic amine, alicyclic amine and aromatic amines.

The curing action of primary amine to epoxy resin is carried out according to the mechanism of Pro nuclear addition, and each active hydrogen can open an epoxy group to make it cross linked to cure. Aromatic amines and aliphatic amine curing mechanism and primary amine similar (primary amine and secondary amine and tertiary amine) with epoxy radical reactions generate secondary amine II and another epoxy radical reactions generate tertiary amines 3 generation of hydroxyl and epoxy resin reaction

2. Curing promoting mechanism in curing system was added to the proton groups of compounds such as phenol, it will promote the amine curing, which may is a bimolecular reaction mechanism, namely to hydroxyl proton solid hydrogen first and epoxy oxygen forms a hydrogen bond is epoxy radical step polarization, is conducive to the amine n of epoxy group of nucleophilic attack, and hydrogen atoms and into.

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