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This year, with the support of state policies, China coating industry development
Date:2016-04-09  |  Sources:Hnsat

With the 2013 "Eighteen big" and in 2014 two sessions held, the state for small and medium-sized enterprises and environmental policy made corresponding adjustments, which for the coatings in the process of the development of small and medium enterprises is a development opportunity, then two sessions to bring what body paint business opportunities, paint companies and the how to seize the opportunity?

Recently, the convening of the two sessions will be pushed to a new climax of urbanization. "To promote the core of the new urbanization" as one of the nine major work this year, and the emergence of new urbanization can become an important driving force to promote the development of enterprises do?

In this regard, the industry said that the new urbanization to stimulate the incremental construction of new housing, which will drive the new development of the building. And the paint industry as the industry depend on the real estate market, it will also wind straight on. Many paint companies also expressed the same view, central continued to promote the construction of the new town, will promote the consumption of housing, decoration and furniture market; in addition, the foreseeable new urbanization will also help China's real estate market is stronger, then real estate will be a new round of development. "Architectural coatings as a class of mainly used for housing decoration paint products, its market development and the development of the real estate industry is closely related to the paint will benefit from. It can be said that the new urbanization will be a new growth point of paint consumption." There are internal staff to the author said.

Over the past ten years, driven by the process of urbanization, the new 200 million urban population, resulting in 6 billion square meters of real estate demand, so the next ten years, will be the golden period of development of the paint industry." Guangdong Huilong coating Co., Ltd. chairman Chen Huiting in 2013 dealers in the General Assembly said that he for the future development of the paint market is very confident. He believes that the paint industry is currently a new round of reshuffle soon, only good enough companies to survive in the next ten years.

In the future development of the paint industry, the construction of urbanization will indeed become a force point of domestic paint enterprises, but also need to paint business technology upgrades and strategic transfer.

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