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2016 paint enterprises how to operate?
Date:2016-04-09  |  Sources:Hnsat

In the history of the most stringent air pollution control act, for example, which will be implemented in January 1, 2016, and in the earlier has been said to give the buffer period to make early response measures.

A practical value of the annual marketing plan, has a very far-reaching impact on not only throughout the year the enterprise marketing activities and plans for the development and marketing activities are closely related to the production, finance, research and development, human resources and other also very important guiding significance. However many reality tells us that most of the primary and secondary coating enterprises and the lack of knowledge and experience in brand marketing, most of the staff this only being fuzzy cognitive, of promotion plan is not clear, even don't know their target consumers; and the small and medium enterprises apply limited resources, resulting in timely and good promotional ideas are also difficult to implement; the small and medium enterprises coated and a most people criticized the reason is capricious, unable to adhere to a clear strategy, brand promotion direction changed to change, which is popular, where by, eventually, but it won't go anywhere.

Paint distributors and coating enterprises to a large extent is interdependent relationship, enterprises in the planning of the time, can not ignore the important position of the dealer. The reality of the situation is a lot of paint dealers refused to in accordance with the manufacturers set the path to, or reluctant to invest, not to increase the staff, not to expand channels and regional, does not increase the terminal shop city coverage, or simply is not to increase sales. The annual amount of task is just to complete, even is clearly room for improvement of the market, anyway is not willing to improve performance. Enterprises believe that the dealer is not willing to raise sales, will not be bigger, it is inevitable that the owner's own consciousness and limitations caused by. However, have seriously considered the dealer is how to treat this problem? Paint companies rely on distributors to open up channels around, but also need to plan ahead of the new year's development goals, to develop the dealer's policy, to the dealer to provide demand for products.

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