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A good annual plan should have the conditions
Date:2016-04-09  |  Sources:Hnsat

First, target setting and resource allocation is relatively reasonable. If the target is too high, too tight resource constraints, the management personnel may take short-term action does not meet the long-term interests of the company. Conversely, if the target is too easy, it will lose the original meaning of the business, resulting in a waste of resources.

Second, the business plan should be "from top to bottom" and "from bottom to top" two-way communication.

Third, business plan and implementation control process and from the performance of the unit responsible person to the ordinary employees in the organization of performance appraisal and compensation incentive combination, to really become the behavior of organization members of the "baton".

On the current situation, we are in the best of times, information explosion, diverse channels, as long as you know how to integrate the, you will be a winner; we are in one of the worst years, increased competition, opponents one after the other, Du Lan grand, market segmentation, to success is harder than ever.

Playing defensive war, radical and in the non conformist paint industry often become victims, in China such a Confucianism ingrained society, enterprise in a certain extent need more "as a neutral, are the same as those of the commonplace" "the doctrine of the mean" business philosophy. Neither go too fast, and do not follow the beaten track, and must have a forward-looking thinking and perseverance insist, in order to allow enterprises to find the correct path of development.

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