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Environmental information disclosure is generally concerned
Date:2016-04-09  |  Sources:Hnsat

Enterprises recognize that information disclosure is an important prerequisite for public participation in environmental protection. Luxi group the fifth chemical fertilizer factory wanganhui views are most representative: "before the introduction of the new law, due to the lack of legal mandatory, environmental protection departments at all levels especially enterprises, both in terms of environmental information disclosure of the content and scope, or in time there is a large gap. The lack of environmental information is often the result of the public participation in environmental protection, it is difficult to grasp the effective information in a timely manner, the effect of public participation. At present, domestic enterprises generally do not attach importance to environmental information disclosure, even in the listing Corporation, there are many companies do not pay attention to environmental information disclosure. There are a lot of pollution and are included in the national key surveillance list of enterprises, listed companies, or does not disclose environmental information, or is very simple to disclose environmental information, especially the widespread glossy problem. After the implementation of the new environmental law, all enterprises are not required to disclose environmental information, will face a charge of illegal."

From Shaanxi Province Environmental Protection Bureau news, to tie in with the new implementation, 25 December 2014, the Shaanxi provincial environmental violations prizes to report the implementation approach (Trial), "which was officially released, to encourage the public to unauthorized outage, idle, removing the pollution control facilities, excessive discharge of pollutants ring environmental pollution events, such as 10 categories of violations to actively report, rewards and Environmental Illegal informants.

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