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Date:2016-04-09  |  Sources:Hnsat

Effects of normalization in petrochemical enterprises to feel extra pressure. One of the most remarkable characteristics of petrochemical production is continuous production, the Sinopec of Jinling Petrochemical Group Deputy Director of Publicity Department Dou Dou pointed out: "the new law to strengthen accountability and environmental problems of pollution disposal. In recent years, the haze led severe weather hazards to the residents more and more. The new law 'environmental contamination that may affect public health and environmental safety, according to the timely disclosure of early warning information, start emergency measures. ". The move will inevitably have some effect on the normal production of enterprises, the government can according to environmental loading according to the implementation of limited production, this action will be normalized, the load for petrochemical enterprises will be a discount. " He also mentioned that the new law expanded the subject of environmental public interest litigation, which means that in the future more non-governmental organizations for regulating the behavior of enterprises and to the court. The provisions to promote public participation in environmental protection and environmental protection concept, self-control is also a test for the petrochemical enterprises.

Shaanxi Weihe Coal Chemical Group Co., Ltd. Department of safety and Environmental Protection Minister Guo Xiaohong thinks, to focus on new environmental law in the specific requirements changes, especially with production enterprises is closely related to the content, such as "prevention and control of pollution and other public hazards" and other chapters, understand new provisions of the specific requirements. According to the content of the new changes, Weihua company to prepare the internal "environmental protection and management measures", "environmental protection facilities management system", the unexpected environmental incident reports to the management system of, the safety and environmental protection management assessment rules "and other environmental management system and evaluation method were revised. New" corporate self monitoring information management system "," environmental protection accountability system "and so on, of environmental protection work further fine differentiation, responsibility, strengthen the system, the provisions of the implementation. Increase the internal assessment efforts, the daily environmental inspection, environmental protection facility operation, pollutant emissions will be included in the monthly basic management and target assessment, insist on a quarterly basis of environmental management into the annual target assessment, fully embodies the accountability system.

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