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Industry enterprises unanimously reached a consensus - to strengthen the red line consciousness
Date:2016-04-09  |  Sources:Hnsat

Law-abiding business is the bottom line: "we want to strengthen the sense of 'red line', lead law-abiding, touch 'red line' is suicidal. In 2014 Youth Olympic Games, National Memorial Day period, Nanhua company maximum pressure drop emissions concentration, based on actively implement the device part production reduction, to achieve the discharge standards, by the government departments of the notice of commendation. After the implementation of the new environmental law, we will continue to work hard to ensure compliance with the law and management. By 2015, we will further strengthen the "enterprise is not the eradication of pollution, is the eradication of pollution enterprises' philosophy, realize" three wastes "stable discharge standards, vigorously promote clean production, earnestly implement the '45' the pollution prevention and control planning", make greater contribution for the improvement of regional environmental quality. "

Kunming, a pesticide company responsible person said: the new law for the implementation of great pressure on the enterprise, but the red line can not touch, only to change the pressure as the driving force, to promote the production of enterprises according to law, law-abiding business. Our company is a pesticide production enterprises, although few 'waste' emissions, but also can not be let down. Over the past few years, we continue to develop environmental friendly formulation, vigorously develop high efficiency, low toxicity, low pesticide residues, to achieve cleaner production, and the formation of crop diseases and insect pests of professional service team, adhere to scientific use, efforts to reduce the use of pesticides. "

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