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Epoxy resin industry in China has been in 2008 began a new journey, I from Hubei Province to Shenzhen, from Shenzhen to Suzhou, traveled around the country, South China is the forefront of the country's reform and opening up, the epoxy market is the most active area, here, I stayed for six years. This year, I have come to Suzhou, in the epoxy industry, South China started very early, and amount of East China in economy, the gap in the market greatly, so between the South China and East China, I should not hesitate a moment to choose the East China, my goal is in the cake points a piece.

Epoxy curing agent for epoxy floor paint is an indispensable part, there are certain technical content, in the epoxy floor paint raw materials, the starting point is still relatively high. Not everyone can do. Therefore, comprehensive consideration, from epoxy curing agent of at that stage is very wrong choice.

After the establishment of the company, though not a lot of people, but the work not a bite to eat into a fat man, we should work steadily and for this stage, consider not the customer how many, first of all to put quality in the first place, so great expense to the company into laboratory hardware and product R & D and the block, after my coordination, to persuade shareholders of the company, make the company have the first sector is the research and development department, through continuous experiment, continuous development, as a follow-up to the company's development provides a solid foundation.

Based on the East China become a target of the initial stage of the company, through the joint efforts of all my colleagues in the company for 3 years, the initial realization of from 0 to 30 million sales target, my idea, I would like to provide excellent platform for the company's colleagues, high-quality products, perfect company system, let them have confidence in the market said HNSAT epoxy curing agent is the best.

Analysis of market dynamics and economic situation in the steady market of East China based, I decided in Tianjin established branch, in Tianjin as the base, radiation, Hebei, northeast, and Suzhou form echo of North and south. After two years of practice, Tianjin market made a good market response, in the trend of the development of West China, decides again in Hubei, Chongqing, Hunan opened branch, in response to national policy, at the same time, also to expand the company's market share, by 2014, the company initially realized the business target of 80 million yuan.

My these years, give me the biggest feeling is: only the good quality, the product will not worry about sales, staff will have no worries. In 2015, when the global economic environment is not good, on our industry although there are no small impact, but impact on our company's is not so big, the biggest reason is the customer believe our products and believe our quality. So, we have achieved annual sales target of billions of dollars.

Step by step up to now, the market is so big, do not we can finish, so I think market can not enter the chaos of the malicious competition, only if we keep a good market atmosphere, cake we have a bite to eat, the industry will into a benign reaction, will achieve a win-win situation.

Founder said
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