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Curing Agent114A
Product Introduction114A is a kind of aromatic amine modified curing agent, mainly used for floor co...[Online order]
Detailed introduction:

Product Introduction

114A is a kind of aromatic amine modified curing agent, mainly used for floor coating and electronic encapsulation. It has the advantages of fast curing speed, high glass transition temperature, excellent water resistance, acid and alkali resistance, high hardness and impact resistance.

Technical Parameter

Appearance:Brown-red liquid

Amine Value:(JIS)290±20        【mgKOH/g】

Viscosity:(25℃)100±50        【CPS】

Active HydrogenEquivalent:96             


Curing Hardness:(ShoreD)                 84

Complete Curing Time:(25℃)              6-8h


Availability Time

Mix 100g in 100:50 ratio,  the test result is 18 mins at 25 °C.

Application Scope

Epoxy Floor Mortar, Medium Primer, Civil and Electronic Filling. 


Should be sealed in the original container, placed in a ventilated, cool place. Avoid fire.  

Storage Period: One year (room temperature).


20 kg and 200 kg barrels (net weight).

Product category
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